Monday, January 18, 2010

What Diet?

Today we ate at FLIP in downtown Atlanta with my family. It's a classy spin on a traditional burger joint. Richard Blais from Top Chef is the executive chef. It was yummy and very reasonably priced, which is a great combination! Andy and I both had the burger, fry and milkshake combo for $12 a piece. The milkshake was the BEST part! I had the krispy kreme, it had very finely chopped krispy kreme doughnuts mixed in, it did not look as pretty as Andy's spicy chocolate mole but, it was heavenly. My mom had the pistachio truffle shake, which I had to try, and it was excellent. The place was super crowded but, we got seated in about fifteen minutes. The new lead singer from Alice in Chains, William DuVall, was there which made Andy's day (even though he didn't get an autograph)! The restaurant was kid friendly, my niece Evelyn, who is 3, loved it (burgers and milkshakes what kid wouldn't). When we got home we took Lucy for a walk to burn some of our lunch off. Totally worth the calories though. Back on the diet train tomorrow!

Waiting for a table


Main Course

Ready for a walk


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