Sunday, January 17, 2010

Dog Day Afternoon

Today we spent much of the day napping, eating and playing. I came home from work to find my two beautiful girls snuggling in bed preparing themselves for a rainy day afternoon nap. I quickly changed out of my work clothes and slipped into the covers with them. I rocked Lucy to sleep and she slept on my chest as my wife and I snuggled the best we could. When Lucy woke up we ate a little lunch and then it was play time and daddy play time is like none other. We play hard and fast, with no shortage of giggling. One of my favorite noises in the whole wide world is to hear Lucy giggle. When she was good and tuckered out, yes, we took another nap until it was time to start dinner.

So this got me to thinking, some of life's greatest lessons can be learned by observing your dog. Our house has no shortage of furry friends.

Our first born, Sully, a Siberian Husky is eight years old. He may be getting up there in dog years but he still acts like a big puppy. As I have just gotten another year older he reminds me that you are only as old as you act and sometimes you just have to run at life as hard as you can and maybe one day you will finally catch your tail.

Our second born, first in command, Cody a Chihuahua is seven years old and Lucy is amazed by him. I have learned so much from this amazing little creature of God. First, enjoy your meals and eat with gusto, not everyone has the luxury of doing so. Nap and nap often, so when somebody throws you a ball you can give it everything you got! Be brave in the face of life's adversity. He is the bravest coward I know. In situations that would have had others crumpled into a fetal postion Cody holds his head up and takes it like a man. He must had heard the Bible verse I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. And finally, the best part about getting into bed at night is knowing there's another warm butt to snuggle up against.

Our newest K9 addition, Maik, a three year old Belgian Malinois. Confidence. Not matter what odds you are up against believe in yourself and just know, deep down inside, that you can handle it. Enjoy and embrace your life away from work. You may have to put up a front at work by being a tough guy, but when you are at home don't be afraid to roll over an let someone pet your belly and make sure you give the ones you love kisses even when they don't ask for them.
It is my sincerest hope that Lucy loves animals as much as Sarah and I do and I pray she has the wisdom to learn from all that they have to teach us.


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