Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ducks, toys, and dining out

This week was a busy one. Andy's mom dropped by to spend some grandma time with Lucy on Friday, which gave me a much needed break! We went to the Mellow Mushroom for dinner and Lucy was so good eating her apples and sweet potatoes and flirting with everyone at the nearby tables.

Lucy got a new Ducky bathtub which she LOVES! If you squeeze the bill it quacks, gets her every time! She loves to sit and play with Pooh and Tigger or sometimes just lazily lounge and enjoy a good soak.

She has been really into her toys this week. She loves to play ball. Andy and I were out shopping late the week of Christmas. My ohhh so smart husband gave our daughter this ball without looking at the price. Later, he tried to take it away from her and long story short, the stinking ball was $20 (ridiculous) but she loves the thing and can roll it back to you. She also likes to play with the police K9 car that looks just like daddy's big police car. She enjoys the lights, siren and the Bad Boys song it plays, although when it starts to move it startles her a bit.

Last night we went to dinner with our good friends Matt and Laura and their two ADORABLE daughters, Ashlyn and Ansley. Lucy did well, she goes to bed at 8 so I thought she might have a melt down but she hung in there. We had a bit of a surprise to find out that Lucy enjoys citrus. Andy gave her a lemon wedge to suck on and low and behold she liked it. Everytime he would put it down she would reach for it again! It was worth getting out just for the red velvet cake I wish I had a picture of it, however there was no time for pictures because it was too delicious. Ashlyn really enjoyed her parent's Butterfinger cake too!


Todd and Courtney said...

She is so sweet! Mellow Mushroom is one of our favorites here :) Her high chair cover is adorable!!

Laura said...

I want your camera...it takes great pictures!

Sarah said...

It's hard to take a bad picture when the subjects are so cute! It's a Lumix Walmart special I think photoshop helps.

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