Wednesday, January 13, 2010

You can't smile with your foot in your mouth!

I took Lucy to get her six month pictures taken today at Images by Rainy. I was nervous. Lucy’s nap time is between 10:30 and 11. I was hoping she would nap on the way there, no such luck. My husband had K-9 training today so I thought I was on my own. Well lucky for me he had my credit card so he had to make a quick appearance on his lunch break. Daddy can make Lucy laugh like it’s no one’s business. She did great! We started with the standard tutu and block pictures to show how she is growing. We did the blocks going across my belly when I was pregnant and we've done them in front of Lucy as a newborn, three months and now six months.

Mommy reproductions

I always bring a box of accessories so we played a bit with those. I have this fabulous “bow” from my favorite Esty shop GalswithGirls and we took a few with that on. Next we did a set with baby legs and a bow/hat. I am so excited about that pose she put both feet in her mouth, I can’t wait to see them on Monday. Rainy is such an awsome photographer she is soo full of energy she kidda wears me out. Lucy was asleep before we got out of her parking lot.

We had family pictures taken the Monday before Christmas. I hope to have the link to them tomorrow. They were outside on a gorgeous farm with my entire family. We had a new photographer take them Emily at EHF I am excited to see them as well.


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