Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Clown car

We started out the week with a 10 hour car ride to St. Louis for a wedding. Andy and I took Lucy to the park and to get cupcakes before she was trapped in the car for so long. Later in the afternoon Andy got the “honor” of loading up my mom’s car for us girls (yep all 5 of us) he said we had a suburban’s worth of stuff in a Tuson which was not far from the truth (what can I say we ARE girls!). We had a car top carrier stuffed to the brim and none of us would open the trunk for fear we could not close it again! We drove to Clarksville TN which is about half way and stayed for the night, the next morning we drove the other five hours. The girls were very well behaved for being stuck in a car for so long, by the time we got there I could not stomach hearing the wheels on the bus one more time!!

Before getting into the car.

The backseat

At the hotel before day 2


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