Sunday, October 3, 2010

Pickin Cotton

Lucy had such a great weekend! Saturday morning Lucy and I woke up bright and early and went to Marmee and Poppa's house. Poppa watched Lucy so my mom and I could go to the Cotton Picking Fair kid free while Andy worked. We got to the fair at 8:00am and had such a great time shopping! We were mostly looking for accessories for Disney (hair bows and necklaces) but we also got a couple other cute items. We finished up and got to my mom and dads house at about 11am and I took Lucy home for her nap. At 1pm Andy and his mom got to the house and all four of us went back to the fair! We had to wait an hour in line to enter this time! Andy got four really neat citronella candles in wine glasses for outside and we ate BBQ and Kettle corn. Lucy enjoyed the cloggers on stage and made a mad dash to join them clapping and dancing the whole way. She would of made it if mommy was not so quick on her feet :) Have I said lately, SHE IS A MESS!!!!


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