Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dancing Queen

We spent most of the week having fun at Uncle Brian's place. He is in his radiology rotation right now and was done with school by 3pm most days. We brought a small play castle that was set up in the living room. We had wedding events most nights; Thursday we went to a chocolate restaurant with family, Friday was the bridal shower and Saturday was the wedding.
At the wedding Lucy danced and danced and danced she was up till 11:30 Atlanta time which is wayyyyyy past her bedtime. I wish I would of taken video of her, she even got into the middle of a dance circle and shook her "bunny".
Okay their is an explanation behind the "family" picture, Andy had to work so we have a cardboard "Andy" from his 30th birthday party and we took it with us. We photographed him doing different things so we could show him how much we missed him (I think everyone had a little too much fun with it)!


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