Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Excitement Builds

Lucy and I have been enjoying being at home for the past couple of days. My sister in law, Tiffany has been working on sewing Evelyn's dress for Lunch at Cinderella's royal table, for our December trip to Disney so I have been watching her in the morning so she can sew. We have been working on the girls clothes for Disney, and trying to stay on a budget is DIFFICULT! I have been looking for used custom items on Ebay and there is not much in 12-18 months, but I did luck out last week! 3 outfits came up for auction in a 2T, two of the 3 were capri sets (which means they will fit my shorty as pants right now, which is perfect for December!) My heart races whenever I bid on ebay, I tell myself before this is not a competition, you have a budget, stick to it (this usually works)! I won one of them for the price I wanted, I was so excited! Lucy is going to wear it to 1900 Park fare the last night we are there. I was worried about the fit, but it came in the mail the other day and just as I suspected fits her like pants and a little dress. LOVE IT!

I also have been working on blankets for their strollers and here is what I have so far. We are getting so excited and it's still 2 months away!


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